How Great  Content Drives  Marketing Results

What is Content Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, content marketing is the process by which brands create and disseminate free, unique content – videos, blogs, newsletters, etc. – that their customers and valuable and relevant.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

80% of people appreciate learning about a company

Cost 62% less
than traditional marketing

90% of customers
find custom content useful

How Content Marketing Can Grow Your Business


Strengthen Your Brand

If there are 10 roofing companies in town but only one is actively creating and publishing informative content designed to educate homeowners about maintenance, common problems, purchasing decisions, etc., that brand will stand out as more knowledgeable and more customer-focused than the competition. 

And since the business is offering this valuable advice free of charge, it will also earn a reputation for being authentic and trustworthy.


Grow Your Audience

Publishing a steady stream of valuable information about topics that are of interest to your target audience will lead to more traffic, more engagement, more leads, and more sales. 

Publishing new, relevant content gives people a reason to click.


Empower Your Customers

Today’s consumer is unlike yesterday’s in two key ways: 

• They are more resistant to traditional ads and sales messages.
• They have an increased need to self-educate before making a purchase decision.

Educational content empowers your customers throughout the sales cycle while elevating your brand’s reputation as a trusted partner.


Keep Your Website Fresh

A stagnant website with stale content not only does damage to your brand’s image, it also negatively impacts your rankings on Google and other popular search engines.

Keeping your website and social media presence fresh with relevant, engaging content will create value for your audience while boosting positive perceptions of your brand.

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