A Story Worth Living - Feature Film Creation

Ransomed Heart – Feature Film, Online Video Series

Ransomed Heart is a highly successful ministry headed by bestselling author and longtime client John Eldredge.  As a ministry, spreading their message is the central purpose of the organization, and we’ve been privileged to help them fulfill that purpose in a variety of unique and creative ways.

A Story Worth Living

A full-length feature film documentary released nationwide in May 2016, A Story Worth Living follows New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge and his three sons, as well as two others, on a thousand-mile motorcycle quest across some of the most dangerous terrain in Colorado – a death-defying quest for answers to life’s deepest questions.


We managed the film’s production – our first full-length feature film! – including on-site direction, filming, and post-production. Filming was done on location and featured breathtaking cinematography, utilizing drone technology to capture the panoramic beauty of Colorado’s majestic terrain.

Luke setting up for the fun Star Wars pop up sequence.

The response to the film was overwhelming, selling over 40,000 tickets, and we also followed this up with an online series that split up sections of the film with new content here

Killing Lions

An adventure series featuring John Eldredge and his sons. Filmed in the deserts outside Moab, Utah with epic cinematography and raw conversation on the life men want to live. Based on the book Killing Lions by John and Sam Eldredge.


The online video series, which included 17 episodes in total, generated a huge response:

•        1.2 million minutes viewed

•        High average view time of over 3 minutes

•        Over 2,000 NEW subscribers to the channel

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