Superhero Animation Video Steals the Show

Caplugs is a world-class plastic molder that manufactures premium protection products, and their annual sales convention draws the top brass and key sales personnel from around the globe.

The company retained LBC to create a unique superhero-themed video to debut at the event, which is management’s one chance each year to reenergize the team and lay out the marketing direction for the coming year. As such, much was dependent on the success of this video – entitled The Marketers.


LBC developed the concept and script, and filmed both on location and at our studios. The real magic happened in post-production, where we employed sophisticated animation and graphics to achieve the “comic-book effect.”

The video was a huge hit at the convention and had exactly the desired effect. Caplugs Sr. VP of Marketing Steve Smith (aka Captain Marketing) said the video stole the show and was lauded by the top executives as well as all the attendees.

Steve had come to one of our mobile app and marketing workshops. He knew the impact a well-produced video could have as opposed to the standard presentation. Since then, it’s been our privilege to work with Caplugs on a variety of projects.

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