Jacob's Ladder

The revolutionary fitness product Jacob’s Ladder™ has been used by professional sports teams, film stars, universities and the military. Having successfully collaborated for marketing their residential product, we were invited back to lead the marketing of their newest product, The Stairway™, and the JL brand as a whole.

Our first job was to enhance the Jacob’s Ladder brand and create a powerful new marketing strategy that included both their traditional marketing channels as well as greatly expand into all-important digital and social marketing channels. The plan included:

  • An upgraded and mobile friendly website
  • A complete social media strategy, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, a blog, etc.
  • top-notch photography
  • world-class video production in our studios and various locations
  • print ads in select trade publications
  • a dynamic tradeshow booth
  • a print catalog
  • a mobile app with an interactive workout log and social sharing.


The social media plan involved the dissemination of frequent and highly creative content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and elsewhere, highlighting the experiences and unique stories of the Jacob’s Ladder community – whose members included The Biggest Loser™ TV show, Robert Downey Jr., NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and other high profile and reputable organizations and personalities.

 Jacob’s Ladder was so pleased with the results that they decided to keep us on retainer to continue building their interactive online presence.

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